Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Discusses Exercises Ideal For Men Over 50

Evan Bass Men's Clinic Discusses Exercises Ideal For Men Over 50

Getting older does not have to mean getting weaker. In fact, if men continue to work on their body and strength with age, they can stay fitter after 50 and keep various age-related problems at bay. A lot of people give up working out as they get older. However, as per Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, staying active becomes all the more important for the well-being of a person as they age.

Evan Bass Men’s Clinic lists exercises for men to stay fit after 50

Staying fit with age can be a huge challenge for men. Between the loss of testosterone, mobility, strength and muscle mass, age can swiftly catch up to men as they reach 50. Poor exercise programs might even lead to back pain and other lingering issues at this age. Hence, men over 50 should be careful about the workout plan they follow. Here are a few exercises for men to stay fit after 50.

  • Dead-lifts: Dead-lifts work multiple muscle groups, including the legs, back and core. Many men experience disc injuries in the spine at 50 years of age and above. Correctly training dead-lifts can help men to prevent such injuries by conditioning the core muscles to help tolerate and resist the forces that can cause disc injuries. Men should try to do three to five sets of eight to 12 reps. it is also vital to avoid overexertion and potential injury.
  • Squats: Squats are a highly effective exercise that focuses on strengthening the lower body muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, while also engaging the core muscles. Squatting typically also elicits a more substantial release of testosterone and growth hormone compared to exercises like leg extensions or curls. To perform squats, men must start by standing with their feet approximately hip-width apart, and slightly angle their toes outward, about 10-20 degrees. Then, they need to initiate the movement by pushing the hips back and bending the knees simultaneously. Men over 50 should try to complete three to five sets of eight to 12 repetitions.
  • Pull-ups: This exercise can be highly effective for developing upper-body strength as it activates multiple muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms. Maintaining upper-body strength and preserving shoulder mobility are essential components of overall fitness and functional strength in daily activities. One can perform pull-ups using various grip positions such as overhand, neutral, or reverse grip to target different muscle groups.  If a man is unable to perform pull-ups due to their body weight, they may perform negative pull-ups by jumping to the top of the bar and slowly lowering themselves.
  • Push-ups: There are many factors that make push-ups a great exercise. They work the shoulder and chest muscles in a functional and coordinated manner. Moreover, the core stability needed to avoid letting the hips sag to the ground means one can get the added benefits of core training in the same exercise. To make push-ups easier, one can place their hands on an elevated surface.

According to Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, doing the exercise options mentioned above can help men over 50 to enhance their energy levels, stay at a healthy weight, and even possibly reduce some of the symptoms associated with ageing.

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