Female Libido Enhancers: Traditional and Alternative Solutions

Female Libido Enhancers: Traditional and Alternative Solutions

Researchers recognize several stages of female sexual response, from desire and arousal to orgasm, the ultimate climax of sexual activity. Whether they are clitoral or vaginal, orgasms vary in frequency and intensity. They also vary in the amount of sexual stimulation required to trigger them.

According to medical opinion, all women should be able to experience orgasms, even multiple orgasms. Yet, according to the Mayo Clinic, less than a third of all women have them on a consistent basis. Orgasms also change with age, medical conditions and treatment drugs.

Women who are happy with their sexual experiences have no need for concern. However, for those who want orgasms that are frequent and more intense, certain treatments can help. Among them are counseling, sex therapy, medications and lifestyle changes.

Traditional Female Libido Enhancers
Whether the problem is a low sex drive, sexual arousal problems or orgasm challenges, treatments can help. Many women benefit from a combination of medical and alternative therapies. The best treatments aim to treat the cause of sexual problems rather than the symptoms.

Many women take medications to help them desire sex and achieve arousal and orgasm. Some drugs cause sexual side effects, including a worsening of female sexual problems. The right antidepressant, however, can improve the sex drive along with mood.

Sex therapy can boost the female libido by getting to the root of the problem. Counseling addresses the sexual concerns about sexual desire and arousal. It helps women and their partners understand sexual response and techniques.

Hormone therapy is a common medical treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone therapies affect the moods and behaviors responsible for sexual response.

Alternative Female Libido Enhancers
Many natural products are available to boost female libido and help women achieve orgasm. Botanical oils and herbal supplements are formulated to increase sensations in the clitoris and other genital tissues.

Natural female libido enhancers are sold under various brand names. They include a blend of aphrodisiacs, herbs, vitamins and other nutrients that correct hormone imbalances and increase sexual pleasure.

Some supplements contain L-arginine, an amino acid that increases blood flow to the genitals. Others contain theobromine, an aphrodisiac derived from chocolate. Still others contain Mucuna pruriens, also called the L-Dopa seed. As a dopamine precursor, this ingredient increases sexual desire, decreases depression and improves ovulation.

Some oral sprays contain European barberry, a potent herb that treats vaginal pain and low libido. In addition to barberry, damiana also enhances libido and improves sexual encounters. Yohimbine is another natural libido booster in female sexual enhancement supplements. This mild stimulant has aphrodisiac properties.

Ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng are also popular in female libido enhancers. Not only do their compounds promote sexual health, but their unique scents and flavors spice up sexual desire. Many aphrodisiac foods, including suggestive fruits like bananas, peaches and strawberries, are also natural libido boosters.

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